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Please note these are all one off products and once they are sold there is no guarantee that the same size may become available for some time.  They all come with our standard returns policy and guarantee.

Lems Nine2Five Mocha Size 6.5UK (Fits 6UK Best)Was £150 now only £99.99

Return from a customer after trying on only but made creases.  We could sell as NEW but rather move on at cheaper price....Bargain. These fit size 6 best  More info at this link

Lems Chelsea Boot Suede Cedar Size 13UK Was £150 now only £110.00

Returned after a couple of hours wearing outside but these are immaculate with no visible signs of being used apart from some dust on the soles.  Absolute bargain for someone with size 13 feet. More Info & Pics at this Link

Lems Boulder Leather Russet Brown Size 4UK Was £160 NOW ONLY £65.00

(Fits 3.5UK Best) As new with very minor hard to see creases in the leather.  An absolute bargain for the astute size 3.5UK buyer.  Read more on this link:

 Lems Primal Zen Woodland Customer Return Worn 1 Hour Size UK11 Was £130 NOW ONLY £90.00

Brand new worn from trying on only.  These shoes show no signs of wear other than a dull finish on the outsole rather than the shine of a brand new pair out of the box.  Unfortunately the customer wore them enough to make the sheen dull.  An absolute bargain for the astute size 11UK buyer.  Read more on this link:

Lems Chillum Blackjack Size 6.5UK (Fits 6 Best) Was £120.00 NOW ONLY £75.00

Used for approx 1 hour by a customer who decided to put them through some flex testing which they worked well but they just did not suit and therefor were rejected. 

The only sign is a slight dullness on the sole instead of the gloss sheen on an unworn item.  Minimal amount of use on an outside surface.  

They come fully warrantied and as such are a brand new almost totally unworn.....Bargain!!    read more at this link  


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