How do I determine my correct size in your shoes?

We recommend ordering your normal UK size. If you do not know it, we find that ordering 2 sizes up from your European size is the ideal size.

I saw your sizing chart, but my UK size can vary between companies. Can you help?

No worries! Please measure your feet from heel to your longest toe and send those measurements over to us so we can assist you on sizing.  ALSO measure an insole from a good fitting pair of your current shoes and compare this to the right hand column in the size chart.  If your Lems model shoe isn't there email me with the measurements.

I am an international customer and do not know my UK size. What now?

We recommend going up 2 sizes from your European size. You can also measure your foot from heel to longest toe and send over those measurements to us so we can assist you on finding the right size.  We recommend you to use the UK size and take the advice on upsizing.

How wide are your shoes?

All of our shoes are built on a 2E width which is an extra wide width. Except the Trailhead and Mesa.

If you only manufacture whole sizes, how much larger/smaller is it between sizes?

Our shoes will vary about 1/3 of an inch in length and about 1/8 of an inch in the width between each size of our shoes 0.5cm L and 0.25cm W.

My feet are two different lengths. Can you send me two different sized shoes?

Sadly we cannot offer shipments of two different sizes as we are small company. However, you can check The Odd Shoe Exchange and see if there are any Lems out there in your size! http://oddshoe.org/

I would like to try the shoes on first before ordering. Do you have a retail location in my area?

Unfortunately we have had to suspend visits as we are moving to another location late January 2023 and will be closing down while the transition takes place.  It is unlikely we could offer this service at the new location , sorry!. 

Are the Primal 2 shoes and the other casual models (Boulder Boot, Nine2Five + Mariner) sized the same?

The fit and size of our shoes can be different among our different styles. We recommend checking out our size chart here or checking out the size charts on each product page.

Are your men's + women's shoes the same, or do they fit differently?

Nope! Our shoes are unisex so the fit and feel will be the same for men and women. 

Do I need to order a size larger to accommodate for Correct Toes?

In most cases you should not have to order a larger size to allow room for Correct Toes. We recommend ordering your normal size.  However, if you have wide feet, you may benefit from going up one size.

What size should I purchase in the Primal 2 if I previously owned a Stem or Lemming?

We recommend that you purchase a size up from your STEM or Lemming Primal as our new Primal 2 runs slightly smaller.


Do you offer the Nine2Five in a size smaller than a UK6?

Yes! Our sizes start at UK5 in the Nine2Five in our Mocha and Black colorways. These are not always in stock.

How about a waterproof boot?

We're in the process of some material testing and will have more to update soon!  The Boulder Water Resistant, Boulder Summit and Outlander are all water-resistant but we in the UK are realistic so we do not sell these as "waterproof".

Can you make any of the products without the Lems branding?

Unfortunately, we cannot remove our Lems logo from any of our products.

Are you able to make custom sized shoes?

Unfortunately, as a small company we are unable to manufacture custom shoes. However, we will be releasing extended sizes in our new Mountain to Town series. Be sure to check them out!


I have high arches/instep. Will Lems work for me?

We have designed the shoes to fit as many different foot shapes as possible, but sometimes they just do not. It's difficult for us to give a definite answer to this one, but we feel that the best way to know is by trying the shoes.

My doctor instructed me to wear custom orthotics. Will your shoes work for me?

All of our shoes feature a 3mm insole within the shoes that can be removed to allow room for almost all custom orthotics.

I just discovered your company. How can Lems benefit me?

With our unique design, featuring a wide toe-box, flexible material, and zero-drop platform, our shoes have the ability to aid in correcting common foot ailments, increasing overall strength in the lower extremities, allow for greater balance, and help realign your posture. Plus, they are just down right comfortable!

I've never worn minimalist shoes. Will Lems still work for me?

Yup! You may experience some discomfort at first, but, know that this just means the tendons and muscles in your feet adapting to the lack of support that most contemporary shoe companies incorporate into their designs. This should subside over a short period of time. We typically recommend wearing the shoes sparingly at first, and then progressing to longer durations of wear. It’s all about the transition! Trust the process.

I suffer from bunions, hammertoes, plantar fasciitis, etc. (yikes!) Will Lems work for me?

We've had a lot of success stories from customers who have suffered from a myriad foot ailments such as these listed above. With that being said, we like to think they could help you, too!


How long should my shoes last?

Like most minimalist shoes, we have a life expectancy between 300 and 600 miles. There are several factors that play into this number such as your walking gait, the conditions you are wearing your Lems in, etc.

How do I clean my Lems?

We recommend hand washing our shoes with luke warm water and soap if you are looking to clean the Primal 2 and nylon on the Boulder Boot. We suggest using a product such as Otter Wax (hyperlink here) to care for any leather on your Lems. Be sure to dry your shoes at room temperature without the insoles as well. For a faster drying, try stuffing your shoes with newspaper to soak up the excess water. Extreme heat such as sun exposure can cause the shoes to distort in size and shape.