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Footworks (Edinburgh) LTD are completely dedicated to your total satisfaction. If you have any suggestions or comments please email us using the link on the store page.

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Barefootworks The Natural Running Centre

Footworks/barefootworks is a specialist online barefoot and minimalist store with possibly the largest selection of barefoot and minimalist shoes in Scotland if not the UK.

We are committed to the natural barefoot and minimalist cause and are currently changing our website to reflect this. Just by making small changes to your running style can have a profound effect on the way you your body receives shock and avoids running related injuries. Not everyone is going to run in a barefoot shoe or a minimalist shoe but getting to know where you are in the grand scheme is a major bonus for your future enjoyment. Email us or facebook us for more advice. Read some of the blog pages to learn where we can take you with confidence.

By learning about barefoot running we have become much more informed about running on the whole. Natural running technique is what the worlds top athletes all use to achieve their goals. There are very few, if any, exceptions. No other online store can give you the information as honestly and informed as we can, which means you get to choose your footwear with confidence.

2016 Global Awards - Footworks NUMBER 2 Best Barefoot Retailer & Colin McPhail Takes 2nd Place in Barefoot Research Category

Roughly speaking there was a great response from the Scottish Barefooters / minimalist natural running community, helping to get both Footworks and Colin McPhail into second place in the awards. I felt just being nominated was a huge accolade but to achieve 2nd in the retailer category was quite humbling knowing how my business has performed over the previous 5 -10 years. I was also overjoyed at being in 2nd place, to my hero, Prof Dan Lieberman who's book "The Story Of The Human Body" was part of my inspiration.

I owe a lot of my thanks to the loyalty and support of many customers and my staff who helped create the machine. My family have also helped greatly in putting up with my passion for Vibram Fivefingers and Luna Sandals. Watching grandchildren learning to walk then run was a keen eyeopener and most of us never really observe the complexities of these two skills in the developing child. A lot to be learned in our own environments.

I have to congratulate all the winners on their success, look out next year, once you are at the top, only one direction !! LOL...Also a huge well done to every nominee who all deserve a place due to our overall commitment to our natural human cause.

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