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The Plantar Fasciitis or Strasbourg / Strassburg Night Sock 

The plantar fasciitis sock from Ultimate Performance is a knee high sock that's been designed to be worn overnight to reduce and relieve the effects of plantar fasciitis. Providing a comfortable fit that won't affect sleep, this sock can also be used to reduce the symptoms of, as well as in conjunction with other remedies for Achilles tendonitis.

How does the Plantar Fasciitis Sock work?

This plantar fasciitis sock features an adjustable strap system that allows you to simply adjust the level of dorsi-flexion to suit your needs - pulling the toes back up towards the knee as required. The pull on the toes causes the plantar fascia to stretch, and when stretched (for a sustained period overnight) the tissues are encouraged to repair and heal in a better position, which reduces and alleviates the symptoms of plantar fasciitis and related heel pain.

By holding the foot in a more dorsiflexed position it prevents the minute nodules of inflammation from settling into their comfort grooves and this in turn reduces the pinging sensation some experience with chronic PF first thing in the morning after a nights sleep. Has been proven to help cure PF in a very short space of time even after a long period of the condition.

Fabric content: 50% Nylon, 25% Spandex, 20% Polyester, 5% Polyurethane.

What size do I need? (UK shoe)

  • Small - 6-8  (will cover from a size 4 up to 8)
  • Regular - 8-11 (will work with a size 6 up to an 11)
  • X-Large - 12-14 (Will work with size 10 up to a 14)
  • NEW XS - 3-5 (works from size 2 up to a 5)

Fits the left and right foot.

One sock only per pack.

Please NOTE:  Strassburg is also a brand name for an almost identical product please do not confuse this product with the named one.  This is a UP PF Night Sock more commonly referred to as a Strassburg Sock.


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