Back To The Future Of Running

Back To The Future Of Running

Running is a skill which we instinctively learn from a very early age.  By not learning to run in footwear with cushioned, raised heel sections we develop a very good technique.  As soon as we are sold, by the industry, into fancy raised heel cushioned supportive footwear our technique changes.  Mostly for the negative.  A raised heel in a shoe encourages the heel to strike the ground before the mid or forefoot.  Try doing this in barefeet and you will soon adapt to a more forefoot to midfoot landing.  Any soft surface will allow a human to land on their heels.  This is because we perceive it is not damaging and as such we adopt the heel strike through laziness as it uses less effort from the calf muscle and all the eccentric muscle groups in the lower limbs.  But it is not nearly as efficient and economic as running with a barefoot technique.

There are many studies taking place now and in the past to try and understand fully the reasons behind a good running technique.   Read some of the blog posts and you will begin to understand.

I made this short movie to assist in the transition of heel strike to a more forefoot to midfoot strike which once mastered will make you a more efficient runner with a far better running economy.  You will see how returned energy from your tendons can assist with reduced effort and less injury.

Have a watch and learn

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