Vibram FiveFingers - V-Run Formerly Bikila Evo Lady - Black Yellow Purple

by Vibram
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Medium distance running in a minimalist shoe can be challenging for new minimalist users. It takes time for your foot to adjust to an increasingly thinner level of sole. The V-Run is a fully redesigned shoe built for those looking for a shoe that provides the benefits of going barefoot and that has slightly more cushion to offer more comfort on a medium distance road run. The sole is still thin, and provides a bit more underfoot to ensure confidence while making the switch.

Upper Material: Polyester Mesh - Machine Wash Cold/Air Dry
Max Sole Thickness: 8.5mm (2.5 Rubber/4-EVA/2-insole)
Insole: 2mm EVA
Women's size 38 - 4.23oz.
Free your feet to perform at their best with Vibram FiveFingers® for running. Running in FiveFingers allows your foot to land with a forefoot strike, similar to barefoot, but with the protection of a Vibram sole. No running footwear comes closer to recreating this natural sensation. This forefoot style allows you to land directly below your center of gravity, resulting in efficient balance and stability with less impact - as if you were running barefoot. Get back in touch with the ground with FiveFingers. Get grounded - Go forward.
As with any new sport or activity, Vibram recommends you consult your physician or a medical professional to see if natural running in FiveFingers is right for you

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