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A two layer construction of durable ripstop nylon keeps of dirt and debris whilst maintaining a breathable upper, wicking sweat and moisture and keeping the feet comfortable throughout your run. The Exo Skeletal design of the Trail T1's stabilises the foot in lateral movements and relives pressure to the metataOutsole
The Key feature to any Trail Running Shoe is it's outsole and the Salming T1 Trail doesn't disappoint. Starting with the Heel to Toe drop, standard for Salming it sets up a natural running posture allowing a correct lean throughout your stride. TGS is the distance from the heel to the ball of the foot (62%) which has been designed with added stability, which ends in the shoes ballet line, equipped with greater flexibility to simulate the foot's natural movements, ensuring the foot bends in exactly the right places. The outsole itself has been constructed by a special compound in order to give you the greatest possible mileage from your shoes, yet at the same time maintaining a high level of feel for the ground whilst running. It's lightweight and features the non-slip lug geometry, providing supreme ground grip no matter how technical the terrain or conditions.
Two Layer Construction - Double layer construction, moisture wicking breathable upper that keeps dirt and debris out.
Exo Skeletal Design - Stabilises the lateral movements relieving pressure on the metatarsal joints.
Runlite - High Abrasion Eva Footbed giving a comfortable low to ground feel, light, responsive and flexible.
Insole - A Anti-Bacterial insole keeps you fresh during your run.
Heel to Toe Drop - 5mm Heel to toe drop sets you up with a natural stance during movement.
TGS System - A carefully designed system used to enhance the underfoot feel, whilst creating a stable construction.
Outsole - Specialist compound to give you the best mileage from the T1's as the non-slip lugs work to provide a durable, ground gripping outsole.

Footworks Running |  RUNNING | SHOES | TRAIL | See all LADY