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FREET - BUZZ 4+1 (012493)

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Allow muscles, ligaments and tendons to condition.
Can help to develop stronger, healthier feet and improved posture.
Freet are designed as a second skin, working with your feet.
A separate big toe pocket allows freedom for the foot to flex more naturally as the big toe moves independently.
Half length insole is available to wear inside the shoe to provide support and cushioning when 'transitioning' to barefoot running or when walking.
Freet 4+1 Specification Upper. 96% polyester and 4% elastene. A perfect combination for stretchable comfort, strength and breathability. Lining. Incredible moisture wicking performance. Big Toe 'flex panels'. Spandex material enhances big toe flexibility and maximises 'water-in water-out' efficiency. Midsole. Dense EVA 3mm providing essential protection. Outsole. TR (thermoplastic elastomer) plus rubber. This advanced technical compound offers:
Optimum softness for cushioning and grip.
Great strength allows a thinner grade for best 'feel' of the ground.
Excellent flex and durability.
Excellent performance, even in hot or cold conditions.
Better for the environment than many other compounds.
Rand. The thoughtfully designed outsole cups the heel, contours the arch and provides protection for the high wear areas of the foot. Fastening. Adjustable 'hook and loop' strap. Simple, easy to use, highly functional and durable

Footworks Running |  RUNNING | SHOES | BAREFOOT | See all MENS